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Nursery pomeranian spitz-dog Imperial Pom

News Imperial Pom

Estonia. Sillamae.
data: Saturday, 29 .11. 2008; 09:05:38

Estonia. Sillamae. CAC Dilina Royal Indian Summer Exc. CAC judge P.Szemraj

Latvia. Riga.
data: Sunday, 16 .11. 2008; 09:04:36

Latvia. Riga. "ZOOEKSPO" Dilina Royal Indian Summer Exc.2 judge Sjong Kitty (Danmark)

Estonia. Ravnere.
data: Saturday, 25 .10. 2008; 09:02:01

Estonia. Ravnere. CAC Dilina Royal Indian Summer Exc.1. JCAC, BOB judge Matti Tuominen

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