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Nursery pomeranian spitz-dog Imperial Pom

News Imperial Pom

Bulgaria. Dobrich.
data: Saturday, 26 .09. 2009; 09:14:16

Bulgaria. Dobrich. CACIB Dilina Royal Indian Summer Exc.1. CAC CACIB BOB judge Ivan Dimitrov

our puppies with new families
data: Wednesday, 09 .09. 2009; 09:12:45

our puppies with new families... Imperial Pom Alona Asti & Jette (Danmark), Imperial Pom April Angel & Stephanie (Danmark)

puppies page is update
data: Sunday, 05 .07. 2009; 09:10:54

puppies page is update

We have a new litters!!!
data: Thursday, 30 .04. 2009; 00:00:00

We have a new litters!!! Amber Soul Cinnamon Cindi+ Dilina Royal Indian Summer

data: Saturday, 14 .02. 2009; 00:00:00

Danmark. Fredericia Dilina Royal Indian Summer Exc. 2-open class judge Hjorth Leif Ragnar (Norge)

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