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Nursery pomeranian spitz-dog Imperial Pom

News Imperial Pom

Bulgaria. Dobrich.
data: Saturday, 26 .09. 2009; 09:14:16

Bulgaria. Dobrich. CACIB Dilina Royal Indian Summer Exc.1. CAC CACIB BOB judge Ivan Dimitrov

our puppies with new families
data: Wednesday, 09 .09. 2009; 09:12:45

our puppies with new families... Imperial Pom Alona Asti & Jette (Danmark), Imperial Pom April Angel & Stephanie (Danmark)

puppies page is update
data: Sunday, 05 .07. 2009; 09:10:54

puppies page is update

We have a new litters!!!
data: Thursday, 30 .04. 2009; 00:00:00

We have a new litters!!! Amber Soul Cinnamon Cindi+ Dilina Royal Indian Summer

data: Saturday, 14 .02. 2009; 00:00:00

Danmark. Fredericia Dilina Royal Indian Summer Exc. 2-open class judge Hjorth Leif Ragnar (Norge)

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Breed Standard

General Appearance The Pomeranian is a compact, short-backed, active toy dog. He has a soft, dense undercoat with a profuse harsh-textured outer coat. His heavily plumed tail is set high and lies flat on his back. He is alert in character, exhibits intelligence in expression, is buoyant in deportment, and is inquisitive by nature. The Pomeranian is cocky, commanding, and animated as he gaits. He is sound in composition and action