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Nursery pomeranian spitz-dog Imperial Pom

News Imperial Pom

international exhibition class CACIB
data: Сегодня, 04 .05. 2010; 10:25:27

The international exhibition class CACIB. Bulgaria. Sofia. Vitorio Rossi Dinastiya Excellent, CAC, CACIB, BOS.

2 male &1 female.
data: Monday, 19 .04. 2010; 10:00:00

2 male &1 female. page FOR SALE is update...

We have a new litters!!
data: Monday, 12 .04. 2010; 00:00:00

We have a new litters!! Amber Soul Cinnamon Cindi+ Dilina Royal Indian Summer

Bulgaria. Ruse.
data: Sunday, 27 .09. 2009; 09:16:35

Bulgaria. Ruse. CACIB Dilina Royal Indian Summer Exc. CAC CACIB BOB

Bulgaria. Ruse.
data: Sunday, 27 .09. 2009; 09:15:26

Bulgaria. Ruse. CAC Dilina Royal Indian Summer Exc. CAC BOB BIG

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Breed Standard

Hindquarters The angulation of the hindquarters balances that of the forequarters. The buttocks are well behind the set of the tail. The thighs are moderately muscled with stifles that are moderately bent and clearly defined. The hocks are perpendicular to the ground and the legs are straight and parallel to each other. The feet are well-arched, compact, and turn neither in nor out. He stands well up on his toes. Dewclaws, if any on the hind legs may be removed. Major Faults: Cowhocks or lack of soundness in hind legs or stifles.