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Nursery pomeranian spitz-dog Imperial Pom

females Imperial Pom


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TITLE: Junior Champion of Poland, Junior Champion of Lithaunia, Junior Champion of Latvia. Qualifyring Show for CRUFTS.

BREEDER: Nina Bogdanova. Russia.

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Amber Soul Cinnamon Cindy

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NAME: Amber Soul Cinnamon Cindy

BREEDER: Irina Beinarovich. Latvia.


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Vitorio Rossi Dinastiya

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NAME: Vitorio Rossi Dinastiya

BREEDER: Natalja Karlionova. Belarus.



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Aljens Twilight Maggie

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NAME: Aljens Twilight Maggie

BREEDER: Alfred Lapuz. USA.



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Breed Standard

Forequarters The Pomeranian has sufficient layback of shoulders to carry the neck and head proud and high. The shoulders and legs are moderately muscled. The length of the shoulder blade and upper arm are equal. The forelegs are straight and parallel to each other. Height from elbows to withers approximately equals height from ground to elbow. The pasterns are straight and strong. The feet are well-arched, compact, and turn neither in nor out. He stands well up on his toes. Dewclaws may be removed. Major Faults: Down in pasterns.