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Nursery pomeranian spitz-dog Imperial Pom

males Imperial Pom

Dilina Royal Indian Summer кобель питомника Imperial Pom

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NAME: Dilina Royal Indian Summer

TITLE: National Champion of Bulgaria, Grand Champion of Bulgaria, Balkan Champion.

BREEDER: Galina Zaitzeva. Estonia.


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George Lindemann Jr.'s father on Forbes

George Lindemann Jr.'s father on Forbes


Dr. Adam Klein, Columbia University Adjunct Professor

Dr. Adam Klein, Columbia University Adjunct Professor


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Breed Standard

Coat A Pomeranian is noted for its double coat. The undercoat is soft and dense. The outer-coat is long, straight, glistening and harsh in texture. A thick undercoat will hold up and permit the guard hair to stand off from the Pomeranian's body. The coat is abundant from the neck and fore part of shoulders and chest, forming a frill which extends over the shoulders and chest. The head and leg coat is tightly packed and shorter in length than that of the body. The forequarters are well-feathered and thighs and hind legs well-feathered to the hock. The tail is profusely covered with long, harsh, spreading straight hair. Trimming for neatness and a clean outline is permissible. Major Faults: Soft, flat or open coat.